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singgah sebentar

Sudah lama ga bikin tulisan di blog volare, bikin saya sedikit kangen juga. Sekarang mau singgah sebentar saja untuk mengabari, bahwa saya sudah 2 minggu nih siaran Sunday Morning Jukebox sendirian. Keberadaan rekan Ilham Kurniawan dipertanyakan. Apakah dia sudah tidak bahagia lagi menjadi true couple saya di udara? Hikz jahad amaaat Iam... padahal kan kita sudah begitu harmonis, teruji, dan terbukti di udara *nah, masa kampanye sudah habis loh yaa...*

Anyway, selama 2 minggu siaran sendirian di Sunday Morning Jukebox ini, saya merasa lebih bahagia dibanding siaran-siaran sendirian di program yang sama. Padahal, malemnya saya tidur selalu larut. Kenapa ya kira-kira?

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Playlist From Our Music Library [RAPEL BULAN KEMARIN]


Morrissey - How Soon Is Now (live)
Fields - Song for the Fields
The Organ - Brother
Joy Division – Atmosphere

- Oh Creole
- Motorcycle
- Girls and Boys in Love

The Maccabees - X-Ray
Late of The Pier - Space and The Woods
Placebo (Feat. Alison Mosshart) - Meds
The Kills - No Wow
Young and The Restless- I Pointed at You and You Burst Into Flames
The Horrors - Death At The Chapel
The Horrors - Sheena Is A Parasite
Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs (live)
Of Montreal - She's A Rejector
Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong - Lucio Starts Fires

- Loneliness Is Better When You're Not Alone
- If I Don't Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die
- My Best Friend

Shocking Pinks - Second Hand Girl
Elle Milano - Swearing's for Art Students

Band of The Week: RADIOHEAD
- 15 Step
- Reckoner
- Videotape
- Bodysnatchers
- Nude

Regina Spektor - Carbon Monoxide


Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker
Goodbooks - Passchendaele
The Mars Volta - Aberinkula
UNKLE (Feat. The Duke Spirit) - May Day
Boy Kill Boy - Back Again
The Sundays - Summertime
The Zutons - Why Won't You Give Me Your Love
Tiger Lily - Sweetheart
Fiona Apple - Across The Universe
Beirut - In the Mausoluem


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Playlist From Our Music Library [RAPEL!!]


Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
Olafur Arnalds - 08 37043837
Digitalism - Zdarlight
Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Keane - The Night Sky

Band of The Week: BLOOD RED SHOES
- It's Getting Boring By The Sea
- Stitch Me Back
- You Bring Me Down
- I Wish I Was Someone Better

The Young Knives - Terra Firma
Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
The Maccabess - Toothpaste Kisses
The Duke Spirit - Lassoo
LCD Soundsystem - No Love Lost
The National - Apartment Story
Sigur Ros - Salka (live)
Sigur Ros - Star√°lfur

- Mansard Roof
- Oxford Comma
- Exit Music (For a Film)
- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
- A-Punk

Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Orba Squara - My Favorite Song
The Libertines - Death On The Stairs


Bloc Party - Flux

Band to Watch: YETI
- Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder
- Keep Pushin' On
- The Last Time You Go

Jakobinarina - His Lyrics are Disastrous
Jakobinarina - This is an Advertisement
Union of Knives (with Jenny Reeve) - Evil Has Never
Little Man Tate - Boy In The Anorak
PosTTherapy - Taman
The Verve - The Thaw Session
The Verve - On Your Own
Iron & Wine - Boy with a Coin
Gorillaz - Rockit
Hooverphonic - Expedition Impossible
Vive La Fete - Aventures fictives

Band of the Week: THE MARY ONETTES
- Void
- Explosions
- Lost

Gutevolk - Portable Rain
The Orange Lights - Let The Love Back In
The Orange Lights - Click Your Heels
Animal Collective - Fireworks
Biffy Clyro - Puzzle
The Wombats - Tales of Girls Boys and Marsupials/School Uniforms (Live from Fuji Rocks)
The Wombats - Moving To New York

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