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Ta'lim Annisa hari ini

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb Bujang Dare...

Hihi, saya lagi kabur sejenak dari siaran Ta'lim Annisa nih, lagi puter lagu Ebiet Beat A, sholat gitu loch...

Hari ini, Ta'lim Annisa ga bisa menghadirkan narasumber lagi, karena handphone narasumbernya, kata bang Sam, ga bisa dihubungi. Jadinya, saya siaran sendiri deh. Waaah, kata orang-orang suara saya jadi lembut kalo siaran acara ini ehehehe... jadi maluw de :")

Sebenarnya, saya siaran dalam keadaan lapar loh...
Tapi, Subhanallah, dapat banyak semangad dari teman-teman pendengar yang lagi denger saya siaran.
Tema hari ini, sama seperti minggu lalu, Penghapus Dosa-Dosa Wanita.
Minggu lalu, saya bagi-bagi tentang Penghapus Dosa Seribu Keburukan, menghapusnya dalam satu hari. Bagaimana bisa? BISA!

Rasulullah bersabda, "Hendaknya ia bertasbih seratus kali maka akan dihitung baginya seribu kebaikan atau dihapus darinya seribu kesalahan". (H.R Muslim)

Ya, seperti itulah Bujang Dare.

Ini, sekarang saya sudah selesai siaran. Sambil berharap mudah-mudahan minggu depan narasumber untuk Ta'lim Annisa bisa hadir, saya pamitan juga ya dari blog saya ini hehe :)

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

_dinie hazel_

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Pyuwh, stress hari ini

Mati lampu lagi, sumatera 28 lagi-lagi mati lampu

Saya cukup stress tidak siaran hari ini. Impactnya, saya harus rela habiskan waktu di depan laptop ngga penting ini.

Anyway, saya tidak sabar menanti Kamis depan, mau siaran jukebox lagi. Saya ingin siaran lagiiiii... Di jukebox saja, tempat saya bisa benar-benar merasakan bahwa saya adalah saya (hah? begitukah? Sometimes I set myself to be too much yaaa...).

di luar studio, sebelum ke studio, saya liad tidak ada tanda-tanda kehidupan di ruang mesin genset volare. Lalu, di ujung beranda studio kenari -tetangganya volare, adeknya volare, radionya sodagar dangdud- saya lihad bang azis sama mba ricka, duduk berdua, ngobrol, dan saya bertanya:

"Mati lampu?"

Pertanyaan yang ngga perlu dijawab itu sebenernyah. Tapi saya kan hanya memastikan. Emang ga boleeee... hehe

Setelah daped jawaban, saya bilang: "YESSS", karena dalam bayangan saya, saya akan segera menghadapi laptop ini. Tanpa diganggu waktu, tanpa diganggu sapapun.

_dinie hazel_

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English Teletalk August 12th

When Friend becomes Fan!

To make a friend is absolutely something gratified to do. Moreover, when we make friend to someone who does really understand about us, inside and outside, will be much more gratified! More grateful! As a standard indicator of a good friend, based on a little survey I used to do, it is often found that someone can be called as a good friend –close or not- if he or she are kindhearted, nice, understanding, as a whole, he or she is a friend in need and indeed!

Today, making friend to unequal gender (I mean woman friends to man, and so does man), is natural thing to do. Sure, we need to socialize, right? So, here’s the problem often occurs. When a woman has a man-friend, then she adores the man as a very understanding friend, very helpful, is always ready every time she needs, in conclusion he is a good friend for woman, we often find that there is a transformation feeling inside the woman, or maybe the man! Ow ow, when friend becomes fan, is it necessary?

Some people think that, if we love our friend, it means that we are in our pace to break the friendship. It seems that we betray the friendship, then? Do you agree?

Well, maybe the relationship between ‘the two-friends’ is not as close as a best friend. Let’s say that it is just a general relationship of making friend. Then, is it also necessary? I myself actually a little bit have objection if you agree to say that the relationship is not as close as best friend. Because, if you are fan of one of your friends, meaning that you should try to approach him or her, right?

OK, I can see that you do want to share your idea now. So, what you waiting for, guys? Come on, post your comment or your shout out to this blog. Or maybe you want to try to speak up your English on the air? Delivering your opinion directly to the people?

See, we are who you need!

Check out English Teletalk every Sunday, start at 3-4 PM. Cooperation program between VOLARE 103,4 FM and English Learning Centre ESA FKIP UNTAN.

To be the guess speaker, you should enrolled your name first, to 0651-7001645 or send your e-mail to To make it easy, leave your comment to our blog now!

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English Teletalk, next edition..

Your hobby traps you!

Hobby(s) is meant by enjoyable activity. It refers to an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time. Meaning that, our hobby should always bring much pleasure and enjoyment for us. It is absolutely sure that we do the activity, as we call it as hobby, because we do love to do it. It is impossible for us to let ourselves spending time but getting nothing from it. At least, our hobby brings some exciting inside us. Moreover, when our hobby can be the ‘machine of money’ and helps us much, that will be much greater!

The problem is, when people are coming into their hobby too deep, can we still call the activity as hobby?

As one example, you are keen on reading book. You read a lot everyday. You hate if someone disturb you reading. You seem to not care about the situation around - for example when your mom calls you and asks you to buy something for kitchen stuff, you pretend to be dumb or maybe you are really dumb since you let yourself sink into the book! – So dangerous, right!

The other example, especially from the latest phenomenon I notice lately, many boys – even men! – are crazy about futsal. I just wonder how they could do a very big sacrifice just for spending time playing futsal. One of my friends even left his class that he should have taught just for playing it! Gosh, what a great power of futsal – I uttered in my heart. Tragically (it is too much?), he even didn’t repent himself had a warning from the boss because he left the class without having permission. Just because of futsal, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine it! He had really been trapped by his hobby.

I myself actually used to be trapped by my hobby which today is still my hobby. I used to loving surfing the internet, browsing many things here so much interesting, right? Agree or not, you must agree. No denial, I think. Why I say that I was trapped? – or am? Yeah, because since I face my face to the square screen full of interesting stuffs, I must grant myself wearing glasses, the minus glasses. Besides, I also found that my purse was getting ‘thinner and thinner’ everyday since I must pay Rp. 3000,- per hour to browse internet. Even sometimes, I let myself to be late doing pray! Gosh, how bad I was – and am!

So, referring to those examples, what would you do when you notice that your hobby actually traps you? How would you overcome the problem? Have you ever had the same experience as I stated above?

Come on, make your commentary to this blog, or check English Teletalk out in Volare 103,4 FM on Sunday 3 – 4 pm. On air your opinion, and share with us. There will be an interesting souvenir for you who can make the atmosphere of the studio warmer even just by telephone! Call to 0561-734161 or send your opinion by SMS to 085650818018 at the time we broadcast.

Wanna be the guest speaker? Why don’t you enroll your name soon?

Call to 0561-7001645 and we will arrange the time for you.

See you on Sunday, in English Teletalk.

.diNie hazel.

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English Teletak June 24, 2007


Short Message Service or SMS has been very phenomenal way to communicate. Besides it is cheaper than calling, it also gives us chance to think twice before sending what we want to deliver to our SMS partner. Even, today we find that nearly all cellular operator provider compete each other to give the cheapest price for sending SMS in various ways. One operator provides free 100 SMS for month, the other provides 10 SMS free per day, and many other ways in the effort to win the competition to the market. We, as the consumer, of course get many advantages of it. Moreover, for us who are really keen on sending SMS!

However, there are also many impacts of SMS. Recently, for example, some students cheated by SMS, or they got the answers of the examination by SMS. Unfortunately, it didn’t make them pass the examination. They didn’t pass it, instead! How poor they are. It was only one bad impact of SMS. In loving area, we often find few couple who are dating breaks their relationship because of misunderstanding when one of them (the partner, boyfriend or girlfriend) read a suspicious SMS in their partner’s inbox. Since this case, we used to be accustomed listening SMS song by Lia Amelia: “Bang SMS siapaaa ini bang… Bang pesannya pakai sayang… sayang…” J. What a great power of SMS!

Anyway, something which has bad impacts usually also has good impacts. I don’t think we need to give examples. I’m absolutely sure that

Which one do you choose? SMS or phone to run your communication? Why SMS can be much more interesting? How great an SMS give much power in your life?

Well, give your opinion here by posting your comment or you can check English Teletalk out in Volare 103,4 FM on Sunday 3 – 4 pm. On air your opinion, and share with us. There will be an interesting souvenir for you who can make the atmosphere of the studio warmer even just by telephone! Call to 0561-734161 or send your opinion by SMS to 085650818018 at the time we broadcast.

Wanna be the guest speaker? Why don’t you enroll your name soon?

Call to 0561-7001645 and we will arrange the time for you.

See you on Sunday, in English Teletalk.

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Nah, kan hujan lagi...

hari ini minggu, 17 Juni 2007

Saya siaran 2 x niy hari ini
Tadi pagi, Sunday Morning Jukebox, sama wawan... Telponnya rusak, tapi thanks God karena siarannya tetep asik ahahaha... *Dasar bang wawan orang gila*

Truwz, barusan abis siaran English Teletalk, sendirian aja...
Gilaaaa, bosen banged deh. Saya ngobrol ndirian tentang


Saya ngopi kata-kata di blog saya, yang juga saya kopi dari articlecity:

1. You know he or she will be there for you no matter what happens.

2. If you start to fall, they will catch you.

3. If you are cold, they will warm you.

4. If you need a hug, their arms will enfold you.

5. If you need a soft word, theirs is the one you will hear.

6. If you need a laugh, they have a joke.

7. No matter what you need, you know they will be there, and they know the same about you.

"The chief lesson I have learned in a long life is that the only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him; and the surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him and show your distrust."

That actually, it is not that easy to trust someone, that's right...
Even trust ourselves is not so easy thing to do, just bcoz we are not accustomed to do that...


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Yak, udah selesai siaran...

Nah, ternyata nga garing-garing amat kok siaran ta'lim annisa sendirian ahahaha...
Saya tadi membahas tentang wudhu... Waaah, alhamdulillah... Ilmu dini jadinya bisa nambah loh bujang dare.

Oiya, ini saya masih di volare. Sama bang poltak, lagi mo nyiapain buwat program yesterhits sama man territory.
Katanya bang poltak, itu acara favoritnya dia. Kenapa ya bang poltak suka Man Territory? Karen itu acaranya laki-laki, dan berhubung Bang Poltak itu laki-laki lowh bujang dare, jadinya suka deh sama acara itu ahahaha.

Tapinya, satu kejadian yang nyebelin adalah, ada 'pihak lain' yang tidak menyenangkan ngerampok kata-katanya Bang Indra. Dengan hari dan jam yang sama. Uwh, bang poltak marah-marah loh bujang dare. Mo kirim teroris aja ke 'pihak lain' itu ahahaha. Lucuw dee liad bang poltak marah-marah. Kepengen beli rolling stone magazine, tapi lagi ujan, raining cat and dog outside, jadinya pengen marah kayak nenek-nenek kehilangan konde. Yeikz... apa hubungannya sama pihak lain ya jadinya? ahahaha...

Oiya, yang usulan untuk bikin komunitas blog di pontianak itu. Uwm, bole juga siy usulannya. Tapinya, ini blog volare juga harus dibenerin dulu. Sabar yah mas, sabar... One by one. Step by step. Ini aja masih bisa nulis-nulis untuk blog setelah siaran, merupakan kebanggaan tersendiri n khusus buwat saya hehehe...

Sudah hampir magrib niy. Dini harus segera shalat. Tadi bang Sam juga nitip, naikin relay berita katanya..

Sudah dulu yaa... See ya next time.



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Ah, hujan lagi...

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb

Saya tidak tau, kenapa setiap hari jumat, terutama sore, selalu Allah turunkan hujan.
Saya berdoa saja, mudah-mudahan hujan ini penuh berkah dan rahmat... Jadinya, walopun saya siaran Ta'lim Annisa sambil basah-basahan, tapi tetep bisa menyenangkan ...

Anyway, hari ini di Volare, yaaa seperti itulah adanya. Barusan saja Bang Sam kasi tau saya kalo tamu untuk Ta'lim Annisa mendadak tidak bisa hadir. Yah, saya sebenarnya sudah menyangka dari saya berangkat tadi. Sampai saya berteduh, mampir di conter handphone punya entah siapa, sebenarnya udah pengen ngga dateng aja ke volare. Tapinya, karena saya udah janjian mau ngobrolin tentang program (lagi?) sama Mba Temi, jadinya saya labrak si hujan ahahahaha...

Eh, ntar lagi mau on air. Sudah yaaa...
Jangan lupa dengerin Radio Volare 1034 FM always, selalu, indah dan menyenangkan...
(apaan itu dinie?)


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Horeee... blog kami aktif lagi euy...

Yak, ini dini yang posting.
Dini berhasil... berhasil... berhasil... horrreee
Ahahahaha... setelah sekian lama gagal mau buwat posting baru, akhirnya pada hari ini, yang tidak terlalu dingin dan tidak dingin dingin amat, ahahaha dini berhasil berhasil berhasil horeee... ahahaha jadiy kayak dora...

Uwmm, saya abis siyaran jukbox.
Abis puterin rikwesannya bujang dare, saya ngobrol tentang program sama ibu temi.
Yak, bujang dare, marilah siap-siap sama gebrakan yang akan dilakukan oleh kami, as the trendsetter radio in Pontianak ahahahaha...

Btw, abis dari mana nih? Apakah abis dari Tengkyu tengkyu...
Kalo beluum, ayo donk, browse webnya volare yah...
Bisa rikwes tuk sunday morning jukebox, ntar rikwesannya saya bacain lowh...

Ya udah de, gituw aja. Dini mau pulang dulu. Mau ngerjain tugas kampuws... aaargh, banyak banged bow... anyway, i luv my tugas so much...

dah yaaaa........

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