English Teletak June 24, 2007


Short Message Service or SMS has been very phenomenal way to communicate. Besides it is cheaper than calling, it also gives us chance to think twice before sending what we want to deliver to our SMS partner. Even, today we find that nearly all cellular operator provider compete each other to give the cheapest price for sending SMS in various ways. One operator provides free 100 SMS for month, the other provides 10 SMS free per day, and many other ways in the effort to win the competition to the market. We, as the consumer, of course get many advantages of it. Moreover, for us who are really keen on sending SMS!

However, there are also many impacts of SMS. Recently, for example, some students cheated by SMS, or they got the answers of the examination by SMS. Unfortunately, it didn’t make them pass the examination. They didn’t pass it, instead! How poor they are. It was only one bad impact of SMS. In loving area, we often find few couple who are dating breaks their relationship because of misunderstanding when one of them (the partner, boyfriend or girlfriend) read a suspicious SMS in their partner’s inbox. Since this case, we used to be accustomed listening SMS song by Lia Amelia: “Bang SMS siapaaa ini bang… Bang pesannya pakai sayang… sayang…” J. What a great power of SMS!

Anyway, something which has bad impacts usually also has good impacts. I don’t think we need to give examples. I’m absolutely sure that

Which one do you choose? SMS or phone to run your communication? Why SMS can be much more interesting? How great an SMS give much power in your life?

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