English Teletalk August 12th

When Friend becomes Fan!

To make a friend is absolutely something gratified to do. Moreover, when we make friend to someone who does really understand about us, inside and outside, will be much more gratified! More grateful! As a standard indicator of a good friend, based on a little survey I used to do, it is often found that someone can be called as a good friend –close or not- if he or she are kindhearted, nice, understanding, as a whole, he or she is a friend in need and indeed!

Today, making friend to unequal gender (I mean woman friends to man, and so does man), is natural thing to do. Sure, we need to socialize, right? So, here’s the problem often occurs. When a woman has a man-friend, then she adores the man as a very understanding friend, very helpful, is always ready every time she needs, in conclusion he is a good friend for woman, we often find that there is a transformation feeling inside the woman, or maybe the man! Ow ow, when friend becomes fan, is it necessary?

Some people think that, if we love our friend, it means that we are in our pace to break the friendship. It seems that we betray the friendship, then? Do you agree?

Well, maybe the relationship between ‘the two-friends’ is not as close as a best friend. Let’s say that it is just a general relationship of making friend. Then, is it also necessary? I myself actually a little bit have objection if you agree to say that the relationship is not as close as best friend. Because, if you are fan of one of your friends, meaning that you should try to approach him or her, right?

OK, I can see that you do want to share your idea now. So, what you waiting for, guys? Come on, post your comment or your shout out to this blog. Or maybe you want to try to speak up your English on the air? Delivering your opinion directly to the people?

See, we are who you need!

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