English Teletalk

A cooperation program between Volare FM and English Learning Center of English Student Association, welcome to the weekly program, here it is English Teletalk. A program where you can really practice to speak up your English without being laughed. We are not showing off our pronunciation or comparing our speaking English but we are practicing to make our speaking more fluently. Well, today I am accompanied by two of my guests (and also friends in campus), Frenky and Hamid Darmadi. We are talking about, Your Hobby Traps You!

Why people can be trapped by their hobby? Well, according to our two handsome (are they?) guests, it can happen because of people are in their overloaded excitement. Because of they deeply enjoy their hobby, they forget how to control themselves and make other things to be not important as their hobby is. In fact, that’s the important part for people to make them not to be trapped by their hobby. However, eventhough some people have already been realized well about this (including me!), they still can be trapped by their hobby.

Then, how to unleash ourselves so our hobby will not trap us anymore? The answer has been stated above, and one more thing is by Time Management. Just consider about some disadvantages we can get when hobby traps us. From economy side, absolutely we spend much more money to do our hobby. Moreover, when we really need much money to do our hobby. Then from social side, try to be more aware about people around us. Don’t sacrifice your friends or your family just because of your hobby. Yes, you must really control yourself of doing your hobby!

We, as the behalf of English Learning Centre, and especially me from Volare FM would like to say thanks so much to Feri in Tanjungpura for your attention as the only caller today. It seems that you are going to be our loyal listener of English Teletalk! Why not? Why not you just register your name to be one of the speakers for English Teletalk? Yea, if you would like to (not only Feri, the other listeners also, yes you!) just call to 0561-7001645. I am ready to set your time for broadcasting in English Teletalk!

Well, wait for the next English Teletalk, still with me.

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