No SMOKING in English Teletalk

At first I asked Ms. Stella Fransisca what topic that we would talk about for today edition, I was a bit feeling that the topic was a general topic and would be bored to talk. But that's not happening now in English Teletalk. We have a very great and interesting English Teletalk today.

The guess is very special, dr. Asro from Medical Faculty of Tanjungpura University. It's an honor for English Teletalk, especially for me as the broadcaster to be able to broadcast with a lecturer again, and a doctor also! Talking free to a doctor *yea, because honestly, I am such a person who is NEVER visit any doctors 20 years I live in this world!*, made me feel like... hahaha I am TOO MUCH!

Well, totally nice if you ask me about English Teletalk today. Although some callers disturb by calling to 734161, but it didn't disturb the way of broadcasting. Finally, I would like to say :


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